Every family business has a story. We like to think ours is "one-of-a-kind," but it’s not, really. It’s a lot like the way most American businesses start. It’s over 55 years of hard work and late nights, with a few highlights from those days we won't ever forget.

It started around 1945, and if you click through the arrows to your left you can learn for yourself where we came from.

Albert livengood completes flight training school with the U.S. Navy as World War II ends, and returns home to Lockhart, TX.

He graduates from Texas A&M, College Station, with a degree in Agriculture.

He teaches veterans how to farm and ranch in McMahan, TX, about 10 miles outside of Lockhart.

In 1954, Albert opens Lockhart Farm and Ranch Supply, a retail feed and farm supply.

Within six months, he starts growing boilers, and shortly after that he begins raising turkeys.

In 1968, he begins egg production – selling, processing, and marketing them.

In 1974, Albert changes the store name from Lockhart Farm and Ranch Supply to Livengood.

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